Dr. Krystyn R. Moon teaches HIST 449: American Immigrant Experience at the University of Mary Washington. For more information about Dr. Moon, click here.

Fall 2019 Team:

Erin Andrewlevich is a senior history major with a minor in business administration at UMW. Her main interest is in 20th-century American history.

Erick Boscana is a senior, double-majoring in theatre and history at UMW. He plans to become a scenic designer, and has an interest in cultural and social history.

Sumner Bridenbaugh is double-majoring in history and historic preservation with hopes of entering the museum world after graduation. She is excited to delve more into archival research with this project.

Justin Curtis is a History Major currently in his last semester at UMW. He likes Dungeons and Dragons and rock music. Visit him at the Writing Center for help with any papers or essays!

Anisha DeSilva is a senior history major with a minor in business administration at UMW. She is planning to attend law school next fall and aspires to be an intellectual property lawyer.

Cassie Haynes is a senior history major at UMW. After graduating this fall, she plans on going to law school to study immigration law.

Paul Hogue is a senior history major in his third year at UMW. His main interest in History is the Cold War period. After graduation, he plans to work in sales for a business. He enjoys going to the gym and hanging out with friends.

Ellora Larsen is a senior American Studies major at UMW. After her final semester, she plans to attend George Washington University’s Museum Education Program and work as a museum educator.

Noah Mota Pinto is history major with interests in computer science and Spanish at UMW. He wants to write historical fiction or fantasy novels someday.

Courtlyn Plunkett is a senior history major at UMW. She plans on receiving her master’s degree in elementary education next fall.

William Roszell is senior history major at the UMW. More information can be found at Roszellw.com.

Sean Thomas is a history major at UMW. He is in the education program and hopes to become a high school history teacher.

Adam Thomson is a senior history major at UMW. His main interests are rugby and Scottish history. After graduation in the spring, he plans to continue his studies at UMW by entering the education program with the goal of becoming a teacher.

Alyx Wilson is a senior history major at UMW. Her primary interest is Asian Studies.